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Dearest Friends,

I have a wonderful story I want to share with you.  I was at The Container Store with my sister and niece.  It was my first time ever to The Container Store.  I am thinking that The Container Store might be a glimpse into heaven!  Don’t hold me to it but, I think the odds are there.  As soon as I stepped into the first aisle, I was completely mesmerized.  My world had just become consumed with growing ideas for the use of every container!  Oh, before I move on in the story I have to mention that my niece was NOT excited about having to go into The Container Store.  I will give you one guess as to who was the first person to put something in the cart?  That’s right, my niece!  She became extremely excited when she found a wall full of all different colored hangers.  She thought it would be “the bomb” if she had colored hangers that matched the décor of her room.  My sister tapped into my niece’s enthusiasm and allowed her to choose some colored hangers.  My sister was encouraged by the enthusiasm.  She envisioned my niece’s clothes hanging-up in the closet rather than piled up on the floor!  Win!-Win! 

I am still standing in the first half of the first aisle, when my sister sweetly reminds me that we are only in the first aisle and if we want to we can come back.  She was right.  She is always right.  They have every type of storage container known to mankind.  The containers are plastic, wood, and steel, fabric, undivided, divided, small, and huge, with lid, without lid, even collapsible or solid.  I was not prepared for all the excitement.  I told my sister I needed to take inventory at home and measure some of the spaces in order to purchase the correct size containers.  Don’t fret!  I still wanted to shop.  And, since I didn’t have an agenda, I was able to peruse the store and focus on spending time with my sister and niece!  It worked out just like it was supposed to!

I told you that the store had every possible container you could need.  They even had some containers that made us wonder what it was supposed to store.  While walking around the store, we would look at things and ask each other “Why?” a lot!  Now and again, my niece would find something she thought was cool and she would bring it over to show my sister and me.  We came across the travel section and once again, there were containers galore.  Of course, in the travel section the containers are small.    My niece became fascinated in this pop-up plastic cup!  The container looked like a yo-yo.  The yo-yo twisted.  The twisting opened the container causing one of the sides of the yo-yo to come off.  What is left is a pop-up cup and saucer.  After the 300th time, my interest in the pop-up cup had faded.  I moved on to the next row.  Soon after, I heard my name “Aunt Janet”.  I said.  I’m right here!  Next thing I know my niece rounds the corner with two different styles of pill boxes.  She says I found these in the next aisle and didn’t know if I needed one.  She went on to explain them to me.  This one is bigger and is for the whole month.  This one is smaller, it is only for a week but the days are divided into am/pm.  I just thought I would show them to you.  I cannot put into words how much that meant to me!  She did not show the pill boxes to me as a joke or to make fun of me.  She did not yell from the other aisle so, everyone around us would know I take medication.  She saw them.  She chose two of them.  She brought them to me.  She explained the pros and cons of each one to me.  And left, saying I’ll put these back.  They have a lot of different styles if you need one.

A Pill Box:  A symbol of unconditional love and an item to cherish!