Hello Teammates!

Since the inception of the blog, I have been trying to figure out a way for us to feel united.  I want everyone, those who visit regularly and first-timers, to be able to logon and immediately feel a sense of community.  A caring community where you are loved and supported no matter who you are, no matter what mental illness label you’ve been given, and no matter how your mental illness is affecting you today or will affect you tomorrow.

I know first-hand that mental illness can be a very lonely disease.  There are days that even the idea of sitting up in bed seems impossible.  There are weeks when the inside of our home is our only world.  It is because of these situations, that the blog was started.  My wish is for us to feel a connection with one another.  I want us to be able to feel the comfort and support we need from one another.  I believe I mentioned to you before that when God revealed his message “Avoidance, Acknowledgement, Acceptance…Triple A!” I knew Triple A stood for Triple-A baseball.  I was much more fanatic about the meaning of Triple-A before I wanted to capitalize on it!  At this point, we are a group of people who have been affected by mental illness. In reality, we are strangers.  I can’t think of anything that turns strangers in to friends faster than sports!  Let’s be teammates!  And for no particular reason, why don’t we become a baseball team!  Don’t worry there will not be any tryouts – nobody will be cut.  Everyone is welcome.  And, drum roll, please…………….you can design your own jersey!

We need a name!  Doug and I attended a wonderful Lutheran Church on Easter Sunday.  As Doug would so eloquently tell you, “you really can’t mess-up an Easter Service”.  With that said, we went back to experience a “regular” worship service.  When we sat down in the pew, there was a countdown of seconds being projected onto the front walls of the sanctuary.  When the countdown hit zero, we heard “What’s Happening?” from the back of the sanctuary.  Then, in unison the congregation yelled “We Are!”  As the pastor walked forward, he said it again “What’s Happening?”  The response from the congregation was a robust “We Are!”  It certainly took both Doug and I by surprise.  I have to admit I was a little perplexed at first.  As the day went on, it grew on me.  I thought what a fantastic, upbeat, UNITING exchange.  I propose our team name be “What’s Happening?”  It will fit nicely on a jersey.  I plan to begin all blog entries with our team name.  My prayer is that every time you read “What’s Happening?” or think about “What’s Happening?” your first thought will be “We Are”!  It would be best if you thought about it with a little attitude because “We Are” happening!