Have you ever been in the situation where so much time had lapsed between visits with friends that you were nervous to contact them?  You missed the relationship.  You thought about them all the time.  You were interested in what was happening in their lives and wanted to share what was happening in your life.  You wanted to get in touch with them and yet you couldn’t.  Your thoughts were consumed by just the possibility of talking to them.  You felt sick to your stomach every time you thought about it and you thought about it all the time.  Feeling overwhelmed, you spent all your waking hours trying to distract yourself from your thoughts.  As more time lapsed, you became fearful your friends were upset with you.  You began to feel helpless.  Soon, you recognized that the hindrance was you.

I am extremely nervous writing this post.  I have been sitting in front of my computer for almost 3 days straight.  I am trying to write the perfect blog entry.  In creating the perfect blog entry, I hope to erase from your mind the lengthy period of time without a post.  Guess what?  It is not working.  I knew it was a lofty goal but, I went ahead and gave it the old college try.  I want to let you know that during the time I was not posting, I was living the situation above.  I have missed our relationship.  I have thought about all of you often.  I have wanted to share with you my new experiences, discoveries, and revelations.  I have wanted desperately to blog and yet I couldn’t.

Our yard is where I most often hear from God.  Yesterday, he called while I was on my way to our kitchen for a snack.  His message was Avoidance, Acknowledgement, and Acceptance…Triple A!  Recently, I have been learning a lot about avoidance, acknowledgement, and acceptance and the significant role they play in the management of my mental illness.  I knew that this message was in reference to my prayer about the blog.  His message was so strong and clear that after months of not even opening my computer, I immediately went to my laptop, opened it, turned it on, and began to type.  I know you all are curious and no I did not get a snack.  I was very excited to hear from God.  Now, after 3 days of struggling with the content of this blog, some of that excitement has worn off.  I have spent all this time trying to address “Triple-A” in one blog.  I finally figured out that I misinterpreted the message.  Unfortunately, I do this regularly with God’s messages.  I believe He thinks it’s funny.

I believe God intended “Avoidance, Acknowledgement, Acceptance…Triple A!” to be used as an ongoing theme throughout our blog.  He knows how valuable the Triple A is in our healing process.  He knows it may seem like a minor piece but, actually it plays a major role.  The plan for the up-coming roster of blog entries is to float between the majors and minors of Mental Illness.  The schedule predicts that our journey through the season could be rocky.  We have the opportunity to win sometimes and the possibility to lose sometimes.  Our odds of a successful season are considerably higher when we play as a team.  Most importantly, we need to put our faith and trust in our coach – without Him we will never experience MLB or win the World Series!  Let’s Play Ball!